Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Last Letter

I hear the wind and it makes me think of you
Your sweet voice rustling through
And i don't know what can i do

There are things that grow and some that die
And there are struggling infinities in between
And i don't know what i can pull through

Crossroads building up like piles of stone
Your memories are here but you are gone
And i don't know what i was meant to do

I feel the wind and it kicks my face
Carries me on to another place
And i don't know if i can come back home

My love is latched and locked for good
It's spinning around on a tornado stool
And i don't know if anything ever was true

So i will leave this the way you wanted it
Run away as far as this freedom makes me be
And now i do know how far and deep i have been

.... And They Died Happily Ever After

You got a big bright smile
But sad sad eyes
Let's go to the desert and talk
And in the cemetery we can die

You got a heart of fire
But it's an ocean of love
Let's go to the rainforest
And the heat can wash us dry

You got a sunshine soul
But the spirit is the night
Let's go to the planetarium 
And aliens can burn us alive

You got a pretty pretty face
But sad sad eyes
Let's go to the cemetery 
And in the coffin we can lie

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Bombay Rain

First, the rain
And then the scream
Let the sweet water through

Second, the mud
And then the football
Let the plays kick in
(So to speak)

Third, the meal
Hot as a fuck
Let the sizzle in

Fourth, the love
Sensual and true
Let the rain mold us into one

Fifth, the sleep
Sweet as a dream
Let the cartoons begin

Sixth, the flood
No work, no school
Let the "Groundhog Day" do it's thing

Reincarnate Me

The eyes are swirling
Moth ball smell is in
I am your toilet face
Draining out of your door

The nose is itching
Sinus everywhere
I am your sick puppy
Nothing but a disease

The lungs are choked
Find it hard to breathe
I am your pitiful lover
Please get rid of me

The heart is a stop
Got none left to lose
I am your bed bug chaos
Won't you kill me now?

The soul is a flaw
A scary thruth, you must believe
I am your fucked up lie
Reincarnate me

Bring me back to life
Bring me back to life
Bring me back to life
Bring me back to life

Irrational Crutches

I will drown
Till i die
But come out survive
Now burn like the past

I will screech
Like a banshee
But reach out to your soul
Now burn like the past

I will gasoline
Through it all
But hose it down when in need
Now burn like the past

You walk with prejudiced eyes
You dig with hammers blind
You walk with fake screams of cries

Now burn like the past

I will cut
Cut your face in two
No body left
Now burn like the past

I will take
Ride you into hell
Brimstone in your face
Now burn like the past

I will make sure
This is your end
Caskets awaiting you
Now burn like the past

You crawl with boring hate
You bury with drills in spite
You limp with irrational crutches

Now Burn like the present

Burn Burn Burn

Now burn like the present
Now burn like the present
Now burn like the present
Now burn like the present

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wheels Of Tragedy

Drove the wheels through a tragedy
The lights were dead and blurry
Melting faces on the highway
That's when it poured an acid rain

Took cover under a cracked rooftop
Skin burning slow under a liquid fire
Gargling rage from an unstable mind
Arms of emptiness begin to claw

Struggled out to take a breather
Chainsaws chasing me in the dark
Weakness in my beaten up knee
Slow me as the blades got near

Roars of a painful drill filled the sky
Dust storms blanket my melting face
The highway lights got dead and blurry
As a tragedy drove past the wheels

Friday, May 16, 2014

Paintbrush Blues

We got our lunch packed in a four wheel drive
A playlist to blow our minds
Got our cigarettes wrapped up in a carton size
Whiskey to go along for the ride

The wind was asleep and the sun was a glare
The hunger stop was an "In and Out"
The signboard said it was another 300 mile
When we checked in at the hotel lounge

They said they just got one more room
But beware of the picture on the wall
The legend says that it feasts on clothes
But only the only the ones that are not on

I said we don't got no more clothes
And we be feeling like a naked day
So naked we got and into the jacuzzi
With a noodle chef and an animated crocodile

The chef, she wore a sunflower tattoo
The crocodile, he shed his tears
They said they had been out on the road
For way too long and without any clothes

They screamed "it took it from us, it ripped it from us"
Cursed the artist and his paint
I just sipped on my whiskey with my face in the heat
As i stirred up the rocks with my paintbrush